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Balance and Understanding starts with a Talk
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How we Can Help you

  • Anxiety
  • Rescue Issues
  • Changes in Behavior
  • Behavior Balancing
  • Increasing Performance
  • Past Issues
  • and more...
I specialize in helping you and your pet with many things. Whether they are rescues that have problems adjusting or have had a sudden change in behavior I can work with you and your pet to resolve, move past,  and move forward so you can have a happy well adjusted companion.
Animals are just like people. They remember past traumas and have a lot of emotions that, just like people, can be hard to move on from. I've developed my system of communicating with animals over many years and work with them to release their issues so they can move forward with confidence.

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Animal Communicator specializing in Touch for Health and Alternative Health modalities. Giving a voice to animals that can’t speak for themselves and supporting their well-being through an intuitive connection to the animal psyche. Working with and for the animal, to enhance their quality of life and enrich your relationship with them


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