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Courtland Smith

Touch for Health, Animal Touch for Health, Animal Communicator, Reiki Master.


Meet Courtland....

A motivated advocate who empowers animals through understanding and balance to a better quality of life, enriching their relationships with their humans and the world.

Courtland's journey started at a very young age growing up on an acreage with horses, dogs, and cats. He always had a deep connection with them. Little did he know his wish to talk to animals was already coming true. Growing up in a holistic household with parents who ran a Holistic Health care business that focused on Photo Comparative Blood Analysis, Touch For Health, YL Essential Oils, Rain Drop Therapy, Applied Kinesiology, Animal Touch For Health, Body Management, Equine Body Management, Reflexology, and Reiki. Creating the perfect environment to develop his gifts.

Courtland took his first Touch For Health class at 12 yrs old. During this class, it was demonstrated that he could be a surrogate for animals at a distance. He was able to tell the class the emotions the animal was feeling, any pains, and specifically where they were on the animal, as well as answering other questions about the animal. With his gift and the training to work energetically with Touch For Health methods to balance animals in person or at a distance. He has continued his training and together with life experiences have created a very unique and powerful technique. “The Animal Talk.”

This adventure has left Courtland amazed, empowered, and grateful for his ability to create positive change in the lives of animals and people.

If you see an animal that has "sudden behavior changes", something doesn't feel right, unexplained aggression, rescue animals that may have experienced trauma, or you feel the animal deserves some R&R and recharging. The Animal Talk with Courtland is a great starting point. 

Not every situation is a good fit with Animal Talks. If all your looking for is a simple conversation without working with any issues that are brought up. With love, this is not the right place. Courtland's technique builds trust with the animal that he will do everything he can to work through what the animal needs.

Through an intuitive connection to the animal psyche, Courtland utilizes his training in multiple modalities to bring Understanding and Balance to the Animal and strengthen Human-animal relationships.

We look forward to talking with you

Courtland lives a life of gratitude as he pursues his personnel legend, being an active father to two beautiful twin girls and a Husband to his talented and inspiring Wife.  

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