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For me the joy and happiness that comes from the experiences and positive changes made with the Animal Talk process is what drives me. The strengthening of relationships between Owner and Animal achieved with Balance and Understanding is truly beautiful to witness. 

When you connect with Animal Talks we promise to serve you and your loved animals with integrity and unconditional love.


See what our Clients are saying about Animal Talks 

After Courtland 'chatted' with Fritz (our 10 1/2 year old ginger cat), he's been way more cuddly and snuggly and less like a 'cranky old man'. The information that Courtland shared with me about him connected some dots about some of the ways he's acted.... some of the since we got him as a kitten. He now looks at me with his big eyes as if to say "Now you know my secrets. Let's sit together in your chair and cuddle" One of the recent changes .... for a few years now, he would wake me between 330 and 530am (daily) and once I eventually get up, he'd settle and go right to sleep. Courtland helped me understand what was going on, why it was happening and helped Fritz and I work on things so that I can sleep thru the night because now he does. We will definitely keep working with Courtland to work on a few more of his not-so-adorable kitty-habits. If you have a pet and want to add another level to their well-being, I recommend that you connect with Courtland to discuss, no matter where you live."

- Joanne, British Columbia Canada 


If you are reading this, then you love your animals and want to help them as much as you possibly can just like me. I believe our fur babies  are gifts sent straight from Heaven.  They are angels with fur.  God’s gift to us and they are the only thing that loves us the way He loves us. Unconditionally.


It’s difficult to put in to words what Courtland has done to help our family but I will do my best.


I do everything I can to make sure my angels are happy and healthy but I can’t always figure our what is going on with them mentally or physically.  I communicate with them but it’s not on the level I would like or need.  Enter Courtland.  I believe God gave each of us special gifts.  God gave Courtland the gift of connecting and communicating with animals.  It’s not something he ‘learned’.  He was born with this gift and has nurtured it throughout his life.  And a GIFT IT IS! 


At this moment we have 4 dogs, all rescues in one form or fashion.  They range in age from 6yo-13yo and are all large breeds.  Courtland was able to help me understand and communicate their ‘needs’. 

My 13yo lab is my angel.  They are all my angels but God sent him when I needed him most.  He’s very stoic and I know he is starting to struggle some physically.  Since our session with Courtland he has started to let me know ‘what’ he needs and when.  This is huge.

My 10yo mix breed was a stray that God brought to my door, literally.  Courtland has helped us to understand his story.  They all have a story and it’s important to know.  He has some physical aches and pains from his ‘story’ and with Courtland’s help I understand how to support him better. 

My 8yo bloodhound has some SERIOUS anxiety when it comes to the vet that started about a year ago although she has never had a traumatic experience.  Courtland was able to get to the bottom of that and we are improving.  It’s a process and we will continue working with Courtland to resolve this. 

Then there’s our 6yo bloodhound.  We are her third home and she was 2.5yo when she came to live with us.  She had some serious baggage.  It was so bad the first year that I dreaded coming home, especially if my husband wasn’t home.  She threw our home into chaos and it wasn’t pleasant for any of us, my other dogs included.  We knew she was supposed to be here though.  I knew because she came with the name I was going to give my daughter had I had one.


I didn’t tell Courtland but someone else had tried to communicate with her but she flat our refused to let him in. REFUSED.  She received Courtland with open arms.  When you ‘meet’ him you will understand why.  He has quite possibly the sweetest energy ever.  She was READY to work through and release the issues she was having.  There has been a HUGE improvement in the behavioral issues we were unable to get to the bottom of.  More than I dreamed possible.  We will continue to work with Courtland on this as we want her to be able to ‘heal’ completely from her past. 


I wanted to keep this short but it just wasn’t possible and still be able to convey what a gift Courtland is.  It’s really difficult to put in the words how he has helped our family.  It truly exceeded what I thought was possible.  He is incredibly gifted and he IS a GIFT.  He is a friend to our babies and is an extremely valuable part of caring for them.  We are blessed to have him in our lives.  Our home is truly CALM again.


Courtland we thank you from the bottom of our hearts and wiggly butts.

May God continue to bless you and your journey as you continue to help animals and their people."

- Regina, Texas USA

After hearing from a family member of their experience with Courtland of Animal Talks, I was very interested in having him talk with my fur babies (my calico kitty named Cali and ginger kitty named Sasha).

I have had Cali since she was a kitten and had a bit more background on her. Sasha, I adopted from a friend who had previously lived with me, where Cali and Sasha grew a bound during that time. As I had only known Sasha from an older age, there were some concerns I had with her as in certain situations, Sasha would become visibly uncomfortable and upset.
Other than a few concerns I had for the 2, I mostly wanted to ensure they were happy, healthy, and content in their living situations.

After discussing the areas of concern and curiosity with Courtland in our initial call, I noticed a few instant changes in both Cali and Sasha.

Cali had become a bit “withdrawn” or “distant” prior to, often hiding away in her favourite little cubby hole in her cat tree. After a few days, Cali had started to, and continues to show more affection (as she frequently had done in the past) and greets me with lots of chats anytime I come home from being away from the house during the day.

During the call with Courtland where he explained to me what he had found out from Cali and Sasha, and how the interaction had gone, the way he explained their characteristics during their chats was exactly how the 2 act together in their day to day lives. Cali, who is (usually) very calm and relaxed, and Sasha who is a snuggly, loving little spit fire. <3

I am extremely satisfied with the information and the experience with Courtland and would highly, highly recommend to anyone who is even the slightest bit interested, even if it is to just do a quick “check in” with your little ones

- Nikki, British Columbia Canada 

Cat Staring Out of Window
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