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Before our meeting

The Planning Call and Final Video Call will

take approximately


minutes each

Think about the history of your animal and what desired outcomes or questions you have. 

During the Planning Call we will develop 3 desired outcomes of the balance.

2 Recent photographs

are needed for your conversation

1 Front view with clear view of the eyes.

1 Side view are preferred

Girl with Horse

The Process

Step 1: Performed over video or audio call

 Building a foundation, getting to know your animal's background. Develop desired outcomes and goals to be addressed during the Talk

Step 2: Performed long distance over a 1-2 week timeframe.

Communicating with the animal. Balance and understanding of desired outcomes and goals are through Touch for Health methods, my god given gift and tools curated through continued education. 

Step 3: Completed over video call

The 1-on-1 video call with you and your animal to discuss the details and findings achieved through the Talk.

Step 4 Receive your personalized summary of the Animal Talk with affirmations to be used for the following couple weeks to continue & strengthen the results of the Animal Talk.

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