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Happy Dog
1st Animal Talk  $125

 This is where we take more time to go over the history and create desired outcomes or goals for the Animal Talk. Goals are formulated and balanced following Touch for Health methods.

 I also work with the animal over the course of 3-7 days typically, allowing them the time to adjust and prepare for the talk. Allowing this time builds trust and magnifies the results. Achieving Understanding and Balance between Owner and Animal.  

Everything will be tied together in the final video call with the Owner and Animal to discuss the details and findings of the Talk. Affirmations/goals will be emailed to the owner and filed to build a history with Animal Talks.

Grey Cat
Returning Animal Talks  $90

This is for all single returning Talks. After having completed the first talk the trust and relationship has been built. It is much easier to Talk with the animal and balance goals through Touch for Health methods and personal methods achieved through my gift and continued education..


In case of emergency calls, It is much easier to respond with the first Talk complete. 

Three Horses
Multiple Animal Package

If you have multiple animals that we would love to Talk with, please contact us for a custom package with discounted pricing.


Please contact us before booking

Girl and Horse
QUARTERLY Package - 3 for $225

Have an Animal that needs multiple or regular sessions?

Your animals who are in need of this receive a bundled discounted rate of 3 Talks at $75 each, after completing the first Animal Talk session.

Please contact us before booking

Dog Portrait
Passed on Pet Talk - $70

Have a loved Animal that has crossed the rainbow bridge? 

This is over a zoom video call where you can ask any questions you have for them. Receive any messages they have for you. Engage in a conversation with you loved pets

Please contact us before booking

Aura scan & Bioenergetic balance

The Aura scan is performed 1 on 1 in-person or Zoom with an explanation of the aura scan. The custom frequency program will be run 3 times per day, balancing the bioenergetic field.


Complimentary with 1st Animal Talk session.

Without talk

1 DAY - $30

3 DAY - $80

5 DAY - $120

With talk

1 DAY - $20

3 DAY - $60

5 DAY - $100


Healy is a small wearable device that analyses your individual frequency via a quantum sensor – then delivers customized specific frequency programs to promote bio-energetic balance, vitality and overall well-being

Book now to set up the Planning Call.
Final Call will be set up after Animal Talk is Complete
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